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Arthroscopy and Sports Injury treatment in Gurgaon

Arthroscopy (Key-hole Surgery)

Arthroscopic surgery is a procedure in which an arthroscope (Camera) is inserted into a joint through a small nick. The joint cavity is distended with saline fluid and the joint is thoroughly inspected. The magnified images of inside of the joint are transmitted on a screen attached to the camera. We can not only see what is inside the joint, but also treat many joint problems effectively using specialised micro instruments and radiofrequency probes. 


The benefits of arthroscopic surgery include smaller incisions, faster healing, minimal pain, faster recovery and less scarring. Majority of arthroscopic procedures are now performed on a day care basis and patient can be discharged home on the same day. If an overnight stay is anticipated then these procedure will be carried out at the hospital by Dr Jayant Arora. 

What are the joints that can be viewed with an 


 At present arthroscopic surgery is most commonly performed to treat problems in the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, hip and wrist. As engineers make advancenments in electronic technology and Orthopedic surgeons develop new techniques, other joints may be treated more frequently in the future.




Common problems in the knee joint that can be treated by arthroscopic surgery (Animation)

  • Removal of loose bodies
  • Meniscus injuries can be treated by either repair or menisectomy
  • Reconstruction of Ligament (ACL/PCL) injuries
  • Treatment of early osteoarthritis and cartilage injuries using Radiofrequency probes, cartilage transplant and microfracture techniques.
  • Lateral Release to improve pain from knee cap
  • Irrigation of Joint infection.
  • Treatment of fractures involving knee joint.

 Common problems of the shoulder joint that can be treated by arthroscopic surgery-(Animation)

n  Treatment of stiff and frozen shoulder

n  Painful arc syndrome ( Impingement syndrome, Calcific tendinitis)

n  Surgery for Recurrent dislocation of shoulder

n  Repair of Muscle(Rotator cuff) tears.

n  Treatment of sports injuries like tendinitis, SLAP lesions etc.