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Dr. Jayant Arora is an expert and experienced Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Knee, hip and shoulder surgery. My father Sri Prakash Chandra Mishra underwent Total Knee replacement (Left Knee) just a month ago on 29th April 2019 under the expert orthopedic team of Dr. Jayant Arora. Dr. Arora is undoubtedly a very humble, sincere, honest, extremely patient and well-behaved person. My father is now experiencing pain, thanks to Arora. Aged 73, he is very happy and content with Dr. Arora's treatment and humble behavior. Its been only a month after the surgery and he finds himself fit and does not even want to take canestick for support. The leg alignment has also been corrected. He bestows lots of blessings to Dr. Arora and his family along with his team members.

Pankaj Kumar

Extremely Happy and Content Father

I have been suffering from long standing rheumatoid arthritis for may years, leading to severe deformity in my right knee. My leg gradually tilted outwards and became very painful on walking. My local doctors told me that knee replacement surgery was not possible due to the extent of the problem. I met Dr Jayant Arora on advise of my daughter. He was very thorough with his examination and spent a lot of time explaining and answering questions about the knee surgery. I underwent knee replacement surgery 3 months ago and to my pleasant surprise, he managed to completely correct the deformity of my leg. I am now walking much better and have no pain in the operated knee. Instead it is now the left knee which is stopping me from walking and I am planning to undergo Left knee replacement surgery in July. Dr Jayant Arora, Dr Umair and physiotherapy team deserve all the praise and best wishes for their sincere efforts to treat the patients.

Mrs Chander Kumar

Knee replacement surgery

I would like to thank Dr. Jayant Arora and his team at Columbia Asia hospital for the excellent surgery performed for ACL tear in my left knee which helped me recover in just three months time. Initially I was very anxious about the operation but right guidance by Dr. Jayant cleared all my doubts and removed lots of misconceptions regarding reconstruction of ACL.

Priti Sharma

I had a bad case of chondromalacia patella, cartilage in my knee had softened over time, due to my aggressive jogging, i revieved 2 prp injections from Dr. Arora and in a few months i was walking back to normal, thanks again Doc!!

Ankur Gill

Prp Patient

I got operated for my right knee ACL tear in September 2014 at Columbia Asia Hospital Gurgaon. This surgery was performed by Dr. Jayant Arora and I am highly satisfied with the surgery as well as post surgery recovery . His superb supervision helped me to recover better and faster so that I got able to walk independently in almost 6-7 weeks. All my doubts,queries regarding pre-surgery preparations,surgery, post surgery recovery were properly resolved by Dr Jayant. His guidance and treatment helped me to recover well.Dr Jayant and his supporting team is very talented and courteous in their job. I am very thankful to Dr Jayant and his team from bottom of my heart. Thanks a lot. Right Knee ACL Reconstruction

Manish Verma

Successful Right Knee ACL reconstruction

Dr. Jayant Arora is rare in the medical profession. He is competent and caring. He is deliberate and attentive. It was a pleasure getting my knee diagnosis from him and it gave me a lot of clarity on my treatment options. I wish him all the best with his practice and hope many people can benefit from him.

Nitin Dixit

Knee Consultation

I have been a patient in several hospitals and I have to say that Columbia Asia hospital comes one of the top International Hospitals, for care and considerations. This includes all Doctors and nurses in the Hospital. I would like to extend my gratitude to Doctor Jayant Arora, Chief of orthopedic department and his magnificent team who performed my surgery for total knee replacement. I have astonished the professionalism experience and competence of Doctor Jayant and as well as his team who took part for my surgery. During my stay in the Hospital was enjoyable, food was very nice, cleaning was perfect and every sector was fully functioning, competent and responsive personnel available for any time you bush the bell. Doctors were mostly present in the Hospital ready to assist any time required. Finally, I recommend those who are looking for proper health care and outstanding treatment to contact this Hospital.

Ahmed Ali Elmi from Somalia

Knee replacement surgery

We stayed in your Delhi hospital from the 14 - 28 February 2014 where David Philips underwent a hip operation. Firstly we would like to say that the care & treatment is some of the best we have ever experianced. Dr Arora and his team were exceptional, the pre-surgery checks, test etc were very through and gave David complete confidence and reassurance that we were in safe hands and only the best would be done for him, by the best. All explainations on tests and surgery proceedures were completely understood by us and at no point did we ever feel concern toward any part of the operation. The after surgery follow up, by Dr Arora himself and his team, were outstanding, done with care ,humility and compassion that one rarely sees in surgoens anymore. Jaison for nursing we found particualrly good, as forgeigners, easy to undersatnd and his manners very kind and diligent.

T. Walsh from Zimbabwe

Revision Hip replacement surgery

Dr Jayant, Hope all is well with you. I just dropped this email to let you knkw that my tennis elbow is fully recovered and I started playing 2 months ago.. I know it was a small procedure to my elbow but I would like to thank you for your kind effort to make this happen and become better. I also got two sponsors from america to represe to them in coming pro tour . They are Hylete sportswear and Brunswick bowling. Lets keep in touch and if you want to see my update, you can always visit my website And if you need anything or any help just ler me know. If I ever get tennis elbow again I know who I shall visit :) Thank you Dr. Regards, Mohd

Mohammed Janahi

PRP Injection for tennis Elbow

I am writing this to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Arora for taking care of my knee during my ACL reconstruction procedure. I waited for more than a year as I was always skeptical about the surgery. After trying all the physiotherapy sessions and gaining nothing, feeling frustrated I consulted Dr. Arora as was suggested by my friend. During my first appointment I was confident that I am in the right hands, I was explained in detail every minute detail about my surgery and told to follow the rehab mentioned in his website. On each follow up I was well explained at what phase of my rehab I am in and the things which I should be avoiding. He always boosted up my confidence and told I was doing well. I had resumed my daily schedules at hospital just 4 weeks after the surgery. Today I am 3 months out of my surgery and doing perfectly fine without any slightest of pain. I have started jogging on a treadmill, getting up and down on stairs and my knee feels stronger and better.

Dr Rishabh Mishra

ACL surgery,

I am from Kenya and was operated by a team of doctors from Columbia Asia led by Dr. Arora on 22 July 2012. They did a Total Hip Replacement following destruction of my hip due to congenital displacia. It is amazing that I no longer experience the excruciating pain I had before, I walk without crutches and am able to carry out my daily chores without much assistance. I am really grateful for the good work done by Dr. Arora, his team in the theatre, physiotherapists and all those wonderful people who took care of me in the ward pre and post operation. I thank you Dr. Arora for the continued support and assurance thro phone calls and emails despite the distance. God Bless you so that you may continue serving humanity globally. Hannah Wairimu Gitonga

Hannah W. Gitonga

Satisfied Client

I live in Faridabad and was recommended to see Dr Arora by my Daughter who lives in Gurgaon. I have been suffering from knee pains for many years and was afraid to get surgery done. I decided to get operated after meeting Dr Arora and another patient from Faridabad who had underwent knee surgery by him previously.. I am now 6 weeks since my left knee surgery and I am very happy with the recovery. I am looking forward to get my Right knee surgery after a few weeks.

KL Sharma

Knee surgery

My mother Mrs Janki Modi, was suffering from Knee arthritis form many years and she was advised to undergo Knee surgery by many doctors. I live in Palam Vihar, I came to know of Dr Jayant Arora by my landlady, who was treated for her knee arthritis using a key hole surgery and I saw her recover completely. On meeting Dr Arora, my mother was deeply impressed by the detailed and a thorough explanation about the surgery and recovery period. She underwent knee replacements in both knees 2 months ago and has now walking freely without any pain or discomfort. I am very grateful to Dr Arora and Columbia Hospital for performing surgery at a very reasonable charge as compared to other hospital in Gurgaon.

Rahul Modi

Knee replacement Surgery of my Mother

I got my single knee replacement done on 27th Jan 2012 at Columbia Asia Hospital Gurgaon. The surgery was performed by Dr. Jayant Arora to my immense satisfaction. Dr.Jayant Arora is not only a very capable doctor but also a thorough gentleman and a great human being. The whole staff of the hospital is very courteous. May God bless Dr. Jayant Arora and his associates and the rest of the team. Rani Raj Kumari Kamo

Mrs Ranirajkumari Kamo

Knee replacement surgery

After learning that I would need to undergo surgery for meniscus tear, Dr. Jayant was an obvious choice for me as my wife had already been operated by him few months. Initially I was scared of being bed ridden for 2~3 months but Dr. Jayant explained to me that arthroscopy for meniscus tear is quite simpler as compared to ACL reconstruction. And he was quite right as I was able to walk without any support within a week's time...... Thanks Doc. Pawan 8860959774

Pawan Sharma

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for Dr Arora for treating my Knee arthritis. He performed knee replacement surgery in both my knees 3 months ago. I am fully recovered and relieved of pain in the knees. He is extremely caring and I felt that I was in the right hands. I have recommended him to my friends in the senior citizen forum of Dwarka.

Udai Laxmi

Watch a Video testemonial of Mr Lawal Abubakar following a Total Hip Replacement Surgery:

Mr Lawal Abubakar

Total Hip replacement

Dear Dr. Arora On behalf of the Kumar family we would like to send warm thanks for an excellent outcome of your services. We appreciate your originality, the fact the pre-care, surgery and post-surgery activities were unique in nature and showed an excellent skills presentation of consciences. Its not always easy to get this organised with such a short notice but you managed to do a great job of it. Again, thank you, and we?d be pleased to recommend your services to anyone that may require your services. Thanks and regards, Nilesh Kumar Senior Contracts Administrator Builtform Constructions Pty Ltd West Ryde Village Construction Site 15 Chatham Road NSW 2114 Tel: 02 9858 2514| Fax: 02 9858 2572 | Mob: 0450 929 499

Nilesh kumar

Revision Total Hip Replacement of my Father.

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