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Video of Nigerian patients in India after Knee replacement surgery.

Testimonial of a patient from Kaduna after Hip Replacement.

I am from Kenya and was operated by a team of doctors from Columbia Asia led by Dr. Arora on 22 July 2012. They did a Total Hip Replacement following destruction of my hip due to congenital displacia. It is amazing that I no longer experience the excruciating pain I had before, I walk without crutches and am able to carry out my daily chores without much assistance. I am really grateful for the good work done by Dr. Arora, his team in the theatre, physiotherapists and all those wonderful people who took care of me in the ward pre and post operation. I thank you Dr. Arora for the continued support and assurance thro phone calls and emails despite the distance. God Bless you so that you may continue serving humanity globally. Hannah Wairimu Gitonga

Hannah W. Gitonga

Satisfied Client

Dear Dr Jayant, I am sorry you have not heard from me since left New Delhi after my hip replacement surgery, in late March . I was admitted to the Military hospital here in Accra on account of my Diabetes and to continue my Physiotherapy . I am much better now and I have been discharged home.

Thank you all very much for caring for me especially your staff. May God Bless you all. Sincerely

Dr Kwasi Adjepong


Dear Dr Jayant Arora , Greeting to you and your family to the entire staff and management of Columbia Asia hospital. I am very please to see your email but sorry to reply so late over a month I have not check my mail. I am very well and sound and I can walk very well without any aid compare to before the surgery. And my entire family were very happy with the surgery you carry out on my knee joint. And lest I forget extend my regard to kachan and rashmi. May God almighty continue to bless you and your profession HAPPY NEWYEAR

Mr Jonas Ezeaba

Nigeria Patients helpline-- for any queries regarding your treatment or medical condition


Call: 00-91-9873830947

Here are a few reasons why patients from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other parts of Africa prefer us for treatment of their orthopedic problems.

1. State of the Art Hospitals: Columbia Asia Hospital, is the largest Hospital chain with 12 state of the art hospitals all over India and many more in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia.

2. The Cost Advantage: Advanced Orthopedic Surgery at a very affordable cost. No extra or hidden charges

3. Expert Orthopedic Specialist: Dr Jayant Arora is a UK trained Orthopedic Surgeon, an expert in the field of Joint replacement Surgery, not only in India but Internationally as well. He is the Chief Orthopedic Surgeon at Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon and was recently invited by Nigerian Health Ministry to deliver a Lecture in Abuja. He and his team of doctors and physiotherapists routinely visit Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia for conducting Medial camps.

4. No waiting period: We assure you zero waiting times. We book all the necessary appointments, your private room and make all the arrangements before you arrive in India.

5. Our Experience: We have treated hundreds of patients from African Countries, Iraq, Oman, Fiji, Bangladesh over last 5 years, who have expressed their delight and satisfaction for services and care provided by us.

For any queries regarding treatment of your orthopedic problems, you can email us your short medical history, photographs of Xrays, MRI and blood reports at

or to arrange for a a telephonic consultation with Dr Jayant Arora--

contact us on 00-91-9873830947.

Hip Replacement of Mr Gadani from Nigera

Affordable Knee replacement helped the Nigerian patients to walk again.


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