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Get back to life. Don't let your knees let you down! Knee replacement surgery helps!

Results of Total Knee replacement surgery by Dr Jayant Arora

Custom made Knee replacement surgery.


"Dr. Jayant Arora is rare in the medical profession. He is competent and caring. He is deliberate and attentive. It was a pleasure getting my knee diagnosis from him and it gave ..."

Nitin Dixit

Knee Consultation

"I am from Kenya and was operated by a team of doctors from Columbia Asia led by Dr. Arora on 22 July 2012. They did a Total Hip Replacement following destruction of my hip due t..."

Hannah W. Gitonga

Satisfied Client

"We stayed in your Delhi hospital from the 14 - 28 February 2014 where David Philips underwent a hip operation. Firstly we would like to say that the care & treatment is so..."

T. Walsh from Zimbabwe

Revision Hip replacement surgery

What is a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is the commonest Joint Replacement Surgery done all over the world. It was first done in 1968 and since then millions of patients suffering from knee arthritis have been sucessfully treated of their pain and deformities. In modern total knee replacement surgery, only worn out cartilage surfaces are replaced (watch an animation of the knee replacement surgery).

By resurfacing the damaged and worn surfaces of the knee can relieve pain, correct leg deformity and help restore function. read more....

Knee Replacement Surgery in Gurgaon--Why choose us?

Best Knee Specialist in Gurgaon

Over the years, Dr Jayant Arora has developed expertise in treating complex knee problems and has been performing knee replacement surgery for last 20 years. He has received training in performing joint replacement surgery at some of the best centers in the United Kingdom.

He was invited as a visiting surgeon by various hospitals in Belgium in 2015 to share the knowledge about the recent advances in knee replacement. His research in the area of knee replacement is widely appreciated, recognised and published in the reputed international journals.

He has done more than 3500 joint replacements and has pioneered latest techniques like Robotic Knee Replacement, partial knee replacement, custom made implants and computer navigation knee replacement in Gurgaon. He is ably supported by a team of Orthopaedic doctors and Physiotherapists at Fortis hospital,Gurgaon where is the Director and Unit Head in the Department of Joint replacement and Orthopaedic surgery. He was Chief of Orthopaedic surgery at Columbia Asia hospital for 11 years. We are the first centre in Gurgaon to perform knee replacement surgery using Custom made instruments.

Gurgaon Knee and Shoulder Clinic is the private office of Dr Jayant Arora where we strive to offer a personalized care to all our patients. Patient's progress is monitored at each step before, during and after the surgery by Dr Jayant Arora. Following surgery, patients are carefully followed at the clinic during their rehabilitation till a complete recovery is achieved.

Advanced techniques of Knee Replacement Surgery in Gurgaon

We routinely use advanced techniques of performing the knee replacement surgery. Columbia Asia Hospital,where Dr Jayant Arora perform all his operations, has state of the art infrastructure for Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Surgery. We offer small incision (Minimally Invasive ) knee replacement, Custom Fit implants and Partial knee replacement surgery. Care of each patient is individualised planned as per the best practices.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement surgery.

Dr Jayant Arora is a pioneer of Minimally invasive Knee replacement surgery. MIS Knee replacement is offered to majority of our patients. It a new method of performing Knee replacement using an incision that is half the length of the standard total knee incision.

This technique minimizes muscle cutting thereby reducing the post operative pain, allowing earlier rehabilitation and reducing the duration of hospital stay.

The knee components are same as those used during the traditional surgery but using special instrumentation only a 4 inch incision is sufficient to carry out the surgery.

MIS Knee replacement is possible in majority of patients needing knee replacement, exceptions being large legs due to obesity and bulky muscles.

Small Incision Knee surgery or MIS surgery-- done through a small cut--- leads to minimal post surgery pain, early recovery and shorter hospital stay. This technique is ideal for partial knee replacements.

Results of our patients after knee replacement surgery.

Custom made Knee Implants at Gurgaon Knee and Shoulder Clinic.

We are one of the first centers in Gurgaon to offer knee replacement using Patient matched instrumentation or Custom made instruments. These patient-specific surgical instruments are custom made for the precise alignment of patient’s knee.There are several distinct advantages of this technology. It removes multiple steps from the traditional surgical technique and shortens surgical time as most of the planning about size and placement of implants takes place preoperatively using computer software programme. This may lead to less blood loss and a lower risk of infection. Read more....

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